What is Integrative Palliative Care?

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The term Integrative Palliative Care (IPC) is a new concept within the healthcare community. At its core, it is the use of integrative therapies in palliative care settings. These fields are naturally connected as both are rooted in a holistic model of care that focuses on caring for the person as a whole, multidimensional being…

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Integrative Palliative Care Aligns with Patient-Centered Care

Integrative Palliative Care supports Patient-Centered Care by offering therapies that address all dimensions of being: body, mind, spirit and relationships. Integrative Palliative Care offers the best of both worlds: pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions are used side-by-side, providing patients and families a more comprehensive approach to care. Both Integrative Palliative Care and Patient-Centered Care encourage patients…

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