Health Care Professionals

IPCI provides accredited, evidence-based, online continuing education for multidisciplinary health care professionals including physicians, nurses, social workers and others. Courses are accredited through our collaboration with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO).   

Our curriculum and course design were developed under a research and development grant from the National Cancer Institute. The project included development of a research strategy to assess course impact on health care providers' attitudes, confidence, and practice behaviors related to use of complementary therapies in palliative care.  

Courses feature commentary by leading experts and practitioners in complementary therapies and the field of palliative care (see About Us, Consultants and Associates). Courses also provide scientific review of available literature, and evidence-informed recommendations concerning use of specific complementary therapies for specific symptoms seen in palliative care patients.   

Course content is augmented with a variety of resources, in the form of downloadable evidence tables and information summaries, as well as external links for further documentation of course content. 

Course content is periodically updated with reviews of the latest evidence pertaining to complementary therapies and their applications. 

 New courses will be periodically added to IPCI's course offerings. We invite recommendations for new courses as well as collaborative delivery of existing courses using the IPCI platform.